September 06, 2006

Motivation, Part 1

My motivation for starting this blog comes from the fact that in my relatively short professional career in software industry I have already experienced so many managerial mistakes as if the software team management classic Peopleware was never written in the first place.

It is normal that people make mistakes. Mistakes are made if you work in any industry, on any job position. If you go to a supermarket or brush your teeth, you can also make a mistake. I have no problem with that. However, in software companies it seems to me that those mistakes and errors in judgment happen far more often. And they happen in many, many interesting variations. Situations happen that would be great jokes if you weren’t actually working in that company and spending at least 40 hours of your life every week. That is why it is not funny.

All the theory is available in Peopleware: Productive Projects and Teams by Tom DeMarco, Timothy Lister. I have read and heard a lot of people referencing it and I am sure many more articles are covering the same subjects. That is why it is pretty unclear to me, why are there so many mistakes made in that field.

I have read this book both last summer and this summer again, in the meanwhile I have changed the company I work in, but both times I was shocked with the same thing: it is unbelievable how many things have already happen to me and are mentioned in this book. I would say 90% of all problems mentioned (one day I will count them, just for curiosity). Next summer I will read it again just to check the score in 2007 ;)

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