April 10, 2007

New Opportunities

Last week an ex-colleague contacted me and told me there is job position in his company that I might be interested in. I decided to go for an interview and see what the offer is.

Through my posts it is probably obvious that I’m often not very satisfied with my current job. There are many reasons why I should leave.

While I was updating my CV for this job application, I didn’t feel too good and I didn’t realize before that I was so unsatisfied. Anyway, I planned to stay a little longer in this company, but I’m not sure any more.

This all might actually be a good thing but I’m really sad about this blog. I planned to make a story here, but for the second time, it seems that I will not be able to continue it. First, the project I was planning to write about was postponed several times and now I might be leaving the company without finishing the things I planned to finish (and write about).

Things change too fast for me to make a story here.

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