October 01, 2006

Motivational Posters in Foreign Languages and Their Impact on My Productivity

A lot of things have need said about “Those Damn Posters and Plaques”.
For example here.

But in my company, we have motivational posters in foreign languages (namely German), which are not understood by at least half of the employees in the company, including me, because… we don’t speak German! At least not good enough to understand those posters.

And so we have nine pictures, each representing some noble practice, for example: “Initiative” (probably!) or “Pride” (maybe!). I am not sure if I understand any of the words on those nine pictures, even though someone “explained” them to me at some point.

In general, the practices on the pictures are really supported by both upper and middle management most of the times so it’s not nice to complain about that. But why are they standing there if half people don’t understand them?!

You can only imagine the impact on my productivity.

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