February 07, 2007

Amateur Psychoanalysis

Last week a new person that will join my team came to the company. From what I’ve seen so far, I think he will be OK or more than just OK: from both personal and professional side. In fact, he didn’t make any “mistakes” at all and I can say only good things about him. However, I am always kind of watching what is he doing, how does he interact with others, how does he perform his tasks, can he communicate normally, what problems does he have etc. I pay much attention to details. Little things that can point to future problems. I even have a few bad “premonitions”.

I don't like what I’m doing but I can't help myself. I had same bad experiences in the past. Everything depends on choosing the right people. In the past I couldn’t do anything to prevent or fix problems but now I can. Probably that is why I feel so much pressure.

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